The SCC launches the Project HOPE (High-tech Omics-based Patient Evaluation), the cutting-edge genetic research project (January, 2014)

In January, 2014, the SCC launched the Project HOPE (High-tech Omics-based Patient Evaluation), a clinical study aiming at the ideal cancer medicine, which consists of “personalized medicine” and “mibyo medicine.”

For genetic research of this project, cancer tissues and blood samples are supplied from patients of about 1,000 cases extracted from more than 3,000 cases a year of surgical operations at the SCC. In the field of genomics, genetic changes (qualitative transformation of genes) are evaluated, while changes in genetic expressions (quantitative alteration of genes) are evaluated in the field of RNA analyses (transcriptomics).

The genetic information obtained from this research is being employed for future cancer medicine, which includes the selection of cancer therapy products and the presymptomatic prognosis of hereditary diseases.

The features of this projects are as follows: No restrictions for cancer types. Integrated method of analysis called multiomics is employed for genetic analyses. It is a research within one single site called the SCC equipped with both fields of a research institute and a hospital.

Analytical results are stored for many years to come, so that they will be given back for the benefits of patients in the future, when new method of treatment and analysis technology are developed. That will be when the stored data is taken for reanalysis and is used for personalized medicine and mibyo medicine.

The study is subjected for each individual patient, which is the cutting-edge research concept rare to be found anywhere in the world.