“Content-based Image-retrieval System” developed in collaboration, supporting image analyses by doctors in the fields of liver cancer in addition to lung cancer (April, 2014)

The SCC developed the “Content-based Image-retrieval System” in collaboration with Fujiflm Co. It supports doctors’ image analyses with artificial intelligence. The system was launched onto marketing as “SYNAPSE® Case Match” from Fujifilm Medical Co. Furthermore, in April, 2014, image scanning function for liver cancer was added to the system, which consists of comprehensive data from about 1,000 cases of liver cancer as well as about 300 cases of hepatic tumor mass with confirmed diagnoses.

It quantifies the similarity of various and complicated monochrome images on affected lesions of lung cancer or liver tumor mass, based on how doctors take heed. This is a system to build reliability of diagnosis, as resemble cases can lead to candidate diseases specifically even when doctors have difficulty deciding on diagnoses.

(Salient Features of “Content-based Image-retrieval System”)


  1. lung cancer: isolated shadow only (including benignancy)

  2. liver cancer: tumor mass in liver only (including benignancy)

SYNAPSE® Case Match