Access & Map of the Vicinity

Shizuoka Cancer Center
1007 Shimo-Nagakubo, Nagaizumi-Cho, Sunto-Gun, Shizuoka Pref. 411-8777, Japan
Tel. 055-989-5222

By Car

9 minutes from the Nagaizumi-Numazu Exit on the Shin-Tomei Expressway (via the Nataizumi Exit on the Izu-Jukan Expressway)
11 minutes from the Numazu Exit on the Tomei Expressway
7 minutes from the Nagaizumi Exit on the Izu-Jukan Expressway

SCCへの交通アクセス-2(2014.2) 2

From Train Stations

15 minutes by car (25 minutes by bus) from the Mishima Station on the JR Shinkansen
5 minutes by car (8 minutes by bus) from the Nagaizumi-Nameri Station on the JR Gotemba Line


Access routes have been dramatically improved recently. The Shin-Tomei Expressway has been built with the new exit called Nagaizumi-Numazu near the Shizuoka Cancer Center. It connects to the newly-built Izu-Jukan Expressway with the Nagaizumi Exit, which is only 7 minutes away from the SCC. With Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, access from China and Korea has been improved as well.