Clinical Test Conducted by the Shizuoka Cancer Center

What are the clinical trial study and the post-marketing clinical study?

Clinical tests are conducted for patients to check the safety and efficacy of medicines, medical devices, methods of therapy and diagnostic approaches.
A clinical test conducted to gain approval for medicines is called a “clinical trial study”.
A clinical test conducted to collect information for the use of medicines, which have already been approved, and to check their efficacy and safety is called an “after-marketing clinical study”.
The consent of patients must be obtained to conduct a clinical trial study, and therefore the study must be carried out carefully to avoid infringing their human rights. Accordingly our nation (the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry) establishes the Good Clinical Research Practice (GCP).

The Shizuoka Cancer Center has established standards and procedures to carry out clinical trial tests, etc. according to GCP.

Implementation system for clinical trial studies, etc. in the Shizuoka Cancer Center