IVR-ADCT (320-rowed CT angiography equipment) installed (August, 2013)

The SCC has installed the world’s first IVR1-ADCT (developed by Toshiba Medical Systems Co.), which integrates 320-rowed ADCT (Area Detector CT) and angiography equipment. The 320-rowed ADCT enables four-dimensional angiographic examination and treatment, as time axis information is added to three-dimensional spatial information gained by conventional high-speed CT systems.

  1. IVR: a method of treatment leaving the least injury by injecting a fine tube or needle called catheter, while constantly observing X-rayed, angiographic, ultrasonic or computed-tomographic images

This is an examination equipment suitable for getting vascular flow over time and making a decision on treatment method based on the result of it. For example, when coronary artery embolus or chemotherapy by coronary arterial injection is conducted, either of which is an effective treatment method for liver cancer, it is a critical process to make it sure that the injected drug reaches the tumor. The IVR-ADCT equipment makes it possible to monitor the flow of drug injected from coronary artery all along.