Ethos, Promises to Patients and Basic Policies


We emphasize patients’ perspectives.

Promises to Patients (Principles)

1. We cure and care cancer patients with skills.

2. We support patients and their families thoroughly.

3. We continue to grow and evolve.

Basic Policies

July 24, 2023

  1. We provide safety and the highest level of medicine as a highly-specialized medical institution for cancer.
  2. We practice holistic medicine through thriving for dialogues with patients and their families.
  3. We support each patient in a multidisciplinary team so that they can have the best and optimal medical care.
  4. We provide fulfilling palliative medicine.
  5. We firmly retain an attitude to learn from the patients and their families.
  6. We enhance cooperation with the local communities and support the patients together with them.
  7. We, as the Shizuoka Cancer Center, all work together to promote the advancement and research for newly-developed cancer medicine.
  8. We comprehensively promote the cancer control program developed by Shizuoka Prefecture as a designated cancer hospital.
  9. We foster human resources who can be contributing to the advancement of cancer medicine.
  10. We constantly make management efforts for the ongoing growth.
  11. We promote the Pharma Valley Project, aiming at the vitalization of the medical and healthcare industry of the region.

Shizuoka Cancer Center

Shizuoka Cancer Center