Ethos, Promises to Patients and Policy Directions


We emphasize patients’ perspectives.

Promises to Patients(Basic Principles)

1. We cure and care cancer patients with skills.

2. We support patients and their families thoroughly.

3. We continue to grow and evolve.

Basic Policy Directions

1. We offer the best medical care.

By assembling technically skilled staff, who are devoted to patients, we offer multidisciplinary medical services in order to achieve the highest and the safest standards of medical care with cutting-edge technology in place.

2. We practice whole-person medicine based on heart-to-heart dialogue.

We try to be engaged in heart-to-heart dialogue with patients and their families to remind ourselves that they are emotional beings while giving them medical treatment, and to pursue their relief through whole-person medicine.

3. We provide full palliative care.

We seek to achieve social reintegration of patients who are terminally ill, and even when the symptoms worsen, we offer them full hospice care at the Palliative Care Unit.

4. We encourage patient participation to treatment.

We try to give patient-friendly explanations, and seek patient-participation type of medicine while supporting their informed choices. For optimal awareness of patients, we encourage them to make full use of counseling at the Patient Support and Inquiries, and the Support Center for Patients and Families. Requests for second opinions are always answered promptly.

5. We always endeavor to learn from patients and their families.

We always remain sincere to listen to patients and their families through their advocates and the Opinion Box for any suggestions or complaints, and we bring them into our upmost efforts to improve the whole operation.

6. We respect the spirit of scientific inquiry.

We maintain scientific curiosity, collect the latest medical evidence, engage in clinical research and collaborate with the Research Institute, in a quest for ideals of medical treatments for a new era.

7. We strive for continuity in management.

We constantly seek the effective use of medical resources, and make the utmost efforts for improving operational status and staff allocation of the organization striving for the managerial excellence.

8. We contribute to health care at the local level.

We try to remain as an approachable medical center for both patients and clinics/hospitals, and to contribute to health care at the local level offering referrals to other medical institutions in the region when necessary.

9. We serve as a center of action for the prefecture’s cancer control program.

We aim to slash the number of people suffering or dying from cancer by promoting comprehensive anti-cancer measures based on the Shizuoka Prefectural Plan to Promote Cancer Control Program. At the same time, we strive for even distribution of cancer treatment as a core cancer center of the prefecture.

10. We promote the Pharma Valley Project.

We serve as a core institution in the Pharma Valley Project, which is to activate medical and health industry in the region.

Shizuoka Cancer Center

Shizuoka Cancer Center