Disease Management Center

Patient Support & Inquiries

Patients and their families carry heavy burdens all the time: fears about cancer itself, worries about what sort of treatment to choose after diagnosis, anxieties about side effects and after effects, and concerns about high cost of cancer treatment.

At the Shizuoka Cancer Center, the “Patient Support & Inquiries” deal with questions, anxieties, and distress of patients and their families. Medical social workers are there full-time to listen to them and to share their problems. They work together with other staff with diversified skills and professions for helping problem resolutions.

Please speak to the "Patient Support & Inquiries" if there is anything unclear about the course of treatment or cancer checkups. Those who cannot speak Japanese are requested to bring their own interpreters.

Patient Advocacy

The "Patient Support & Inquiries" deal with grievances or comments that patients and their families may have about the SCC. The staff working there are the hospital employees, but they will look at things from patients’ perspectives. Furthermore, the staff there adopt a neutral stance to let the hospital know the patients’ views and to respond to them. The utmost care is taken to protect the patients’ privacy.

Reception Hours:

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(Closed on Weekends and National Holidays)


Second Floor of the Hospital
(Just Beside the Main Entrance)

Face-to-face Counseling:

Please come to the “Patient Support & Inquiries.”
(Meeting takes place in a private meeting room.)

Telephone Inquiries:

Please call at the direct number shown below. (In Japanese Only)

Shizuoka Cancer Center

Shizuoka Cancer Center