Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Shizuoka Cancer Center administers its treatment under the banner of 'emphasizing the patients' perspectives', based on the following three promises to patients and their families; we cure and care cancer with skills; we support patients and their families thoroughly; we continue to grow and evolve. The following states the rights of patients to ensure they receive the best treatment, and sums up what we, in turn, must ask for patients in order to protect these rights.

As a patient at the Shizuoka Cancer Center, you have the right to:

1. Expect the best possible treatment

We offer the highest standards of cancer treatment, and at the same time, we aim at practicing holistic medicine that cure and heal patients while we recognize them as emotional beings. In order to achieve it, all the medical staff needed has been recruited, cutting-edge medical apparatuses and equipment have been assembled, and a system for safe medical care has been established. We always listen to patients and their families, seek heart-to-heart dialogues with them, and do our best to solve each and every issue arisen.

2. Be informed of your disease and choose the method of your treatment

Patients have the right to make the Informed Choices, which consist of full explanations of the proposed treatment enabling them to choose the care and treatments in line with their way of life. In order to help them make the best choices, we do our best to give them the most understandable explanations and to answer inquiries from them. Upon request, we let patients look at their medical records or bring in recorders to tape discussions with medical staff. When patients do not understand explanations given by medical staff or do not feel them satisfactory, they will be suggested to go to the Patient Support and Inquiries for advice. Also, the Asunaro Library (the patient library) serves as a useful source of knowledge and information which patients may need to have.

3. Seek opinions from doctors other than the primary one

Patients have the right to seek the Second Opinions, which enables them to ask for opinions about their cases and methods of treatment from doctors and specialists other than the primary ones. When we receive such requests from patients and their families, we will introduce other doctors within the SCC. Also if and when needed, we will prepare letters of introduction with full information about their cases addressed to doctors at other medical institutions.  

4. Be fully supported in order to fight against the disease

We help patients and their families overcome jolts when diagnosed as cancer, and support them thoroughly to fight against the disease. Specialists are stationed at the center to listen to them if they have problems physically, mentally or financially. The specialists share the problems with them, and help them solve the problems. When they need such assistance, they can contact doctors and nurses, or go to the Patient Support and Inquiries.

5. Protect your privacy

We make our utmost efforts to keep patients’ medical information as strictly confidential and to protect their privacy. Any requests or complaints in regard with privacy protection should be given to doctors and nurses, or the Patient Support and Inquiries.

As a patient at the Shizuoka Cancer Center, you will be asked to:

1. Participate in your medical treatment

It is important that patients are motivated to participate in their own cancer treatments for receiving the best possible ones. Please provide medical staff with information about your present health status, medication and medical history, etc. A letter of introduction from a medical institution that gave you medical care previously often contains vital information about your health status. Please try to obtain one where possible. You should ask us questions about your disease and medical care until you understand. If you still feel the explanation is not clear enough or the explanation given by medical staff is not sufficient, you will be suggested to go to the Patient Support and Inquiry. You will be given close information about your disease, public financial aid for medical bills as well as various supports for life after discharge from the hospital there.

2. Help us prevent medical accidents

We have been making constant efforts to prevent medical accidents at the SCC. Patients and their families’ involvement and help are the must to achieve it. If there is anything you do not understand about explanation given by medical staff, you should immediately ask us questions.

3. Follow hospital rules and regulations given by medical staff

There are rules and regulations that the hospital and medical staff need patients and their families to follow in course of medical treatments. Following them will also be helpful in preventing medical accidents, which might have been caused by their negligence otherwise. It should be noted that there are many other patients and staff in the SCC hospital who should not be bothered in any way. In case of troubles involving violence, the hospital may refuse medical care. In the name of the ordinances regarding the ethics of the civil servants employed by the Shizuoka prefectural government, it is strictly prohibited to give them any money or gifts.

4. Let us know your opinions and complaints about the SCC

Opinions and complaints from patients and their families serve as sources of growth at the SCC. They should be given and forwarded to medical staff and the Patient Support and Inquiries, or posted in the Suggestion Box any time. All the comments posted in the Suggestion Box are reviewed daily by the members of the SCC administrative board. In case of conflicts with medical staff, the problems will be brought to the Patient Support and Inquiries with the ‘Patient Proxies,’ who are not affiliated to the hospital and are willing to speak from the patients’ perspectives. The names of those who wish to remain anonymous will not be disclosed. Please feel free and secure to discuss any matters there.

5. Understand and be helpful for the needs of medical researches and education of medical staff

At the SCC, various researches are being undertaken for further progress of cancer treatment. It is essential for medical researches to be supplied with medical diagnostic data and specimen from patients. For the researches, the approval of the Ethics Committee and the consents from patients must be given. And the patients’ privacy will be strictly protected by adhering to the related laws and guidelines. Also at the SCC, trainings for medical technicians and medical students are given under the guidance of experienced professionals, when understanding and cooperation from patients will be required. In case a patient chooses not to cooperate with research or education, there will be nothing disadvantageous for him/her in any way as a result.

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