In response to the current situation about COVID-19 infection, major changes are made with visiting hours and rules.

(As of June 19, 2020)

For preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection and ensuring the safety of the patients and the staff, the Shizuoka Cancer Center ask the patients and their families to follow the instructions stated below.

 1. The Main Entrance on the 2nd floor is open during the hours shown below.
  ・Monday through Friday:  from 7:30a.m. to 6:15p.m.
  ・Saturday, Sunday & national holiday:  from 1:00p.m. to 6:15p.m.

 People not wearing masks can’t enter the Shizuoka Cancer Center.
2. Regardless of whether you have symptoms or not, please be sure to wear a mask when you are coming in. In addition, we should ask you to bring your own pen, so that you won’t have to share the pens with others.

3. All the visitors will be asked to take their temperatures at the Main Entrance on the 2nd floor.

In case the patient has a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, the staff will take him/her to a designated area for detailed interview.

In case the patient as well as the accompanying person do not have high temperatures, they will be allowed to enter the hospital building, and proceed to the reception at the relevant clinical division. They will be asked to take another health check there.

In case the accompanying person has a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, he/she will not be allowed to enter.

4. Children (elementary school children or younger) can’t enter the SCC unless they are the patients themselves.

5. We would like to ask the patients and their families to stay home unless there is an urgent need to leave there.

6. In case you have one (or more) symptoms listed below, please call the SCC at 055-989-5222 before your visit. Please be sure to wear a mask, and come straight to the General Information Desk on the 2nd floor.

 (For those visiting the SCC for the first time)
   ・You have a fever (higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius) for 2 days in a row.
   ・You have a strong feeling of fatigue.
   ・You have persistent respiratory symptoms (cough, phlegm, etc.).
 (For the outpatients on their return visits)
   ・You have a fever (higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius) for 2 days in a row.
   ・You have persistent respiratory symptoms (cough, phlegm, etc.).

Otherwise, please proceed to the Reception for the First Visit on the 2nd floor if you are a patient coming in for your first medical consultation. If you are an outpatient making a return visit, please proceed on the regular entry procedure with the machine and your ID card.

7. Please note that the number of people accompanying an outpatient is limited to 2, when the patient comes in for his/her first medical consultation, for taking the second opinion, or for an appointment with his/her primary doctor who is to explain on the disease condition or the surgery. For a patient on his/her regular return visit, only 1 attendant is allowed.

8. Visiting inpatients is basically restricted, except the cases listed below.

8.1 When the inpatient is in a serious condition:
・The family received an emergency call from the doctor: Up to 2 people
・The doctor agrees on getting the family members attend to the patient due to the serious condition: Up to 2 people 

8.2 Due to an acute deterioration of the patient, the doctor called the family to let them attend to: 1 person only

8.3 The family received a call from the doctor for a close explanation on the treatment or the disease condition: Up to 2 people

8.4 The patient is taking a surgery today (or took it yesterday): 1 person only.

8.5 The patient is being admitted to the hospital today: 1 person only

8.6 The patient is being discharged from the hospital today:
・The nurse asked the family to pick him/her up at the ward: 1 person only
・No requests from the nurse: None
(The family can pick him/her up at the Main Entrance on the 2nd floor if it’s a weekday. If it falls on weekend or a holiday, the family can see the patient in front of the Disaster Control Center on the 1st floor to pick him/her up.)

8.7 The patient is in the Pediatric/AYA Generation Ward: 1 person only
 (The family member allowed to attend to will need to put a permit badge on.)
Entering the hospital building for bringing items the patient needs for the life in the hospital is restricted. If the patient needs to receive any, the nurse will do so instead at the Disaster Control Center on the 1st floor.

8.8 The patient is in the Palliative Medicine Ward: Up to 2 people including a child wearing a mask, limited to 1:00 – 4:00p.m. on weekdays, 30 minutes at a time, once a week, appointment required beforehand

For “visiting the inpatients who are in critical conditions or taking surgeries by close family members” with the permit approved by the doctor, the visit should be made from 1:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. on weekdays, weekends and national holidays.

9. The inpatients can’t go out or be away overnight from the hospital, except when there is an urgent need. In such a case, the patient should stay with his/her first-degree family members in the same household only. The patient and his/her accompanying family should travel by car, avoiding public transportation.


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Shizuoka Cancer Center
TEL.  055-989-5222

Shizuoka Cancer Center

Shizuoka Cancer Center